+ Can I open a Corporate account?

A,Yes, you can open a Corporate Account, Please fill in the Live Account Registration Form in order to have your details captured as a Corporate Account Application.

+ Which documents do I need to provide for my account to be approved?

■Proof of identity – passport, national identity card or driving license
If the identification document you have provided states your correct residential address then an additional proof of address document may not be required.

■Proof of address – bank/card statement or utility bill

+ How long does it take to verify my Account?

On average it takes less than 30 minutes.

+ What’s a Demo Account?

A demo account is a great way to get used to our Trading platforms in a risk free environment.

+ Can I register an additional account?

Yes. Please email us the reason for registering an additional Live account.

+ Do you accept US or Canadian clients?

The Company decided to focus on the European and Asian markets where there is a niche. In the light of this decision, we are no longer accepting accounts registered by US or Canadian residents/citizens.

+ What’s account base currencies?

You can register an account in any of the following currencies:

+ How long is a demo account valid for?

A demo account will expire 90 days after you registered it.

+ I forgot my password.

Please email us.